Dear Friend,

On October 26 we will have 60 days left until Christmas.  What began as a simple story in a manger that changed the entire world has now become a season of rush and hurry, hustle and bustle, and very little is left of the humble beginnings of a King.  In fact, I dare say my own spiritual life has actually suffered over the holidays because I always feel rushed and pressured.

Well, this year I would love to share with you a different kind of holiday.  I am not yet ready to “give up” presents, and meals and traveling to relatives.  I still like my Christmas tree and lights. but what if we could do it differently?

What if each day for 60 days we did small tasks so that when Thanksgiving rolls around, we can focus on the THANKS in Thanksgiving, and when Christmas arrives, we can truly celebrate the CHRIST in Christmas?

That is exactly what I plan to do, and I want my friends to join me.

For the 60 days leading up to Christmas, we are going to go step-by- step together.  We are going to always keep the word of God in our hearts, and we are going to have a season where we can truly celebrate.  By breaking down all the tasks of the upcoming holidays into small, manageable pieces, we will have a holiday that will be a delight.

I have created a special, private place on our blog for our Homemaking 911 Holidays members. Each day you will receive:

  • Brief Scripture verse to ponder
  • Today’s Holiday Quest (Brief and to the point)
  • and detailed hints and instructions to help along the way.

In addition, over the course of 60 days we will share:

Holiday recipes, thrifty holiday ideas, craft ideas, forms to keep track of things like Christmas wish and gift lists, budgeting forms, freezer cooking helps, time management helps and reminders along the way.

You are going to get lots of free bonus goodies as well.  In the course of 60 days you will receive our audio downloads:

  • Keeping Young Ones Happy and Occupied
  • Chaos to Order
  • Overcoming Bitterness and Judgmental Thoughts
  • Marriage 911
  • Save Gas Money – Now
  • and our Freezer Cooking e-books produced by Homemaking 911
  • Prize drawings and giveaways for completing your holiday quests.

Once you join, you will – over the course of 60 days accomplish all you need to get finished over the holidays AND will receive lots of little gifts from us as well.

To make sure everyone could afford this great resource we have created for you, we are offering it at $29.99.  If you want to join us, we want it to be affordable to you- and it is less than the value of the free gifts we are giving you over the course of the 60 days.

We also want you to be absolutely satisfied, so we will give you five full days to request a refund.  if you are not satisfied that you are getting what you need, you can cancel before the end of the fifth day for a full refund – no explanation required.

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